MRX Racing Neck Brace

• SFI 38.1 Tested and approved for NHRA for optimum protection at over 70G
• Exclusive flexible chasis design for great fit, comfort and a smoother and more controlled neck force reduction and head deceleration
• Single collar angle design that allows perfect fit and function with all seat angles
• Fits 2" and 3" harnesses
• Collar relief are for improved fit and comfort
• Nomex washable pading for greatly improved strapped-in comfort and reduced harshness of helmet to brace imact
• Chasis made of an advanced, fire retardant, high tensile PC composite
• Harness channels reduces the risl of the velts coming off the device after the first impact
• Harness channels guides the belts away from the soft tissue of the neck
• Quick release fire retardant Kevlar lether system for both frontal and side impact protection
• Sliding tether for improved field of vision, head movement and comfort
• Anchor post kit with wrench included
• Weight 2 lbs
• Patented, in the USA, by Leatt in 2010
• One size fits XS-3XL

Only $549